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Highlight of You + Your Business

Let our team of video editors take our zoom interview and combine it with content from your website and social that will show everyone how AWESOME your business is! Then, we'll put your Business Highlight video in front of 10,000+ people in your area on social media! As always, everything that we produce for you is yours to use however you'd like!


Let's meet at your location and let ThinkLocal CAPTURE & SHARE YOUR STORY! We'll record a VIDEO INTERVIEW with you and a SHOUTOUT VIDEO that we'll share on social media with a guaranteed minimum reach of 10,000. The best customers are LOYAL CUSTOMERS and people become loyal customers by getting to know you! Let us highlight your business or organization and invite people to connect with you! We want to share your story!

Here are a few examples of Stories we have featured!

This could be YOU!


A professional video can add huge value to your business! Let ThinkLocal and our partners at Hometown Stream highlight you and your business. This package will produce a 6 - 9 minute final video of your business and will require 1 hour onsite with our film team. We'll produce a beautiful overview for your business. We'll be so proud to put this in front of 10,000+ people on our social media! As always, everything we produce is yours to use - this is some seriously great content that you should use on your social media. Remember, you're the differentiator in your business! Please allow us the opportunity to help more people get to know you and your business better - this will drive long-impacting results!



Dawn Schwartz, Maggie's Closet, Plymouth, WI

"It was such a pleasure to work with ThinkLocal and Hometown Stream. I was uncomfortable at first to shoot a video about my business, but the team made it so easy and the final product is absolutely AMAZING! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with Ben and Peter, you can feel how much they care about the success of my business and that means a lot to me".


Be featured on the ThinkLocal TV show. Get your own 4 to 5 minutes segment and be combined with 10 individual businesses for a 60 minute episode on your community or a special series featuring our incredible communities. The segment starts with Ben introducing you: your name, the name of your business and why you started the business. Next we showcase what your business offers with a short tour and finish off with a demonstration of how you serve your customers! There is limited space - Act Now! This is posted throughout all ThinkLocal's social media as well as Hometown Stream with millions of potential viewers. A ThinkLocal Story lasts for years and you even get a copy to share, edit and promote as well. A well produced video gives you the power to present a perfect picture of who you are and what your business offers. All you need to provide is a representative to share what your business is all about and we do the rest.


Let us produce a beautiful ABOUT YOU video to show people how amazing you and your business is! We're working with our partner Chameleon Communications on these and their work is AMAZING, check out all the examples. Please take advantage of super creative talent coming together to share your story! Let us interview you and create a video that you will want every potential customer to see! We hope that this will become a huge lead generator for your business. We can't wait to share your story!

CLAIM or SETUP your business profile on our local business directory!

It's no cost! Share photos, website, phone, address, hours. Let's add your logo and get a banner graphic placed. You can even post a Job Opening and Special Offer, directly from your web portal.

If you have any upcoming events that you'd like us to post to our Events Calendar, send them our way and we can get them added for you.

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