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Looking for strong candidates with lasting results? Let Staff One, Ltd. help you connect with potential talent in the Milwaukee County area. We focus on problem solving and critical thinking, as well as keeping the end goal in mind. Staff One, Ltd. Is a full service recruiting and Human Resource outsourcing alternative. We take pride in being the best agency possible, not the biggest!



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Meet the Owner

Profle Picture Nick Froemming Owner

John Grady, who had just sold his half of a local staffing firm, met Sandy Grady, who came from a strong background in Human Resources and owned her HR consulting firm. The two joined forces and began one of the most challenging and rewarding businesses they could have ever dreamed of running. In 1988 Staff One, Ltd. entered the market.In July 2017, John and Sandy sold Staff One, Ltd to their ... more

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01/21/2022, 5:40 pm

Always a joy working with the Froemming's! They've helped me look for the job I've been placing on hold for years. They truly gave me my dream job!
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