This is an awesome internship or part-time opportunity that can become a full-time position if you want that. THINKlocal Wisconsin is based in Waukesha and we serve 32 communities throughout the state. As a company, we have two main purposes.

1) We want to help people get out and active in their communities, to help them really appreciate and value where they call home. Every community is incredibly special and we want to highlight all the great things your community has to offer.

2) We want to support the locally owned and operated small businesses in the community. Each small business has a local family behind it and we want to help them do very well. It is very difficult for a small business to compete against the marketing budgets of larger companies. We help give them a great space to reach the community at a very affordable price and in an effective way that is both beneficial to them as well as the community.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR IN A CANDIDATE: We need someone who is active and present in the community to be our local voice. We also want someone who is SUPER NICE (we like nice people)! Candidate must have a passion for their community. and must share our passion for bringing people great information that is cool, helpful, interesting and fun. Must be a great communicator and willing to be on camera.

THINKlocal has always had the message of "we want to share your story". We love the story behind the business. We need someone to meet with, get to know and then share local business owner and community members stories with the community.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Create unique local stories that matter to and will benefit the community. Go to events, meet with local business owners, get to know the people behind a local fundraiser or charity event. Our job is to help people get the word out.

This can be a 5 hour a week position or a 30 hour a week position. It's not quite full-time yet as these are NEW community pages. So either a great part-time job or internship opportunity.'s super fun and rewarding!!! Pay is not great to start, but will be in the $8 - $15/hr range. We need to continue to improve the value of the page to both the community and the local businesses. As our value increases, so will compensation. We're here because we absolutely love the work we do and the impact we make!!!

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