It’s an old marketing strategy, but GIVEAWAYS work amazing to create HUGE BUZZ. In addition, they provide you with a highly targeted marketing list of people who are “very interested” in doing business with you. Let us help you build a viral marketing campaign that will yield both immediate and long-term profits for your business!!!

How it works?


We recommend at least a $50 value. Often this is simply a gift certificate, but we can absolutely help come up with some other ideas! It’s all about making it fun and showing value to your potential customers. They have to want the prize enough that they willingly trade their contact information for a chance to win. It works incredibly well and everyone is happy! The community really 💕 and appreciates these giveaways. They create a ton of very positive buzz for your business and produce an outstanding ROI for you!


We design and build the complete marketing campaign for you (including landing pages, thank you pages, share pages, ads, 3-4 page posts as we make several posts throughout the campaign as well as the initial email sequence). We’ve recently added viral marketing software that allows us to give each opt-in a unique referral link and then we incentives/encourage them to share with their friends - THIS IS AMAZING! Our software tracks everything, so we run an honest contest and you know who your super fans are!!! We track, test and adjust everything in real-time to ensure maximum results. We promote the campaign with paid ads, our THINKlocal Community Pages as well as our email contacts who live in YOUR area.
We even guarantee that a minimum of 10,000 trackable “unique eyeballs” will see this offer!!!


They see an ad or post while they are browsing their Facebook feed. They click on it and are taken to the landing page. They choose to provide their name and email as they are interested in winning the prize. They are directed to a thank you/share page where we encourage and incentives (with more entries to the drawing) for them to 1-click share with their Facebook friends (this is the power of marketing through social media). They are also emailed an initial email confirming their opt-in (in this email, we promote your business and can direct them to a landing page for further engagement). If they share and someone enrolls through their unique referral link, we send them a fun thank you email. Every touch point that you make with a potential customer offers massive relationship building between you and them. When the campaign is complete, we notify the winner and handle getting them their prize. We keep everything simple and highly effective.


We are a data-driven marketing company and our goal is to help you become more calculated with your marketing budget. You can accomplish a ton on a very limited budget, if spent wisely. A giveaway campaign is one of the very best local marketing strategies to jump start your business! Whether you’re a new business or just seeking a blast of new customers and more revenue).

We’re averaging a 4% opt-in rate with these campaigns, thus yielding approximately 400 new leads for you. These are people who are “highly interested” in your business. This number can be higher or lower depending on the prize and how much social engagement the campaign gets. We can also increase the budget. For example, if your goal is 1,000 new customer leads, we know what it will take to achieve that. We provide you with a csv file that you can upload into your systems. This data shows name, email address, signup date and the number of entries they earned - thus revealing your SUPER FANS!

After the campaign, if you need our help with ongoing marketing, we would absolutely love to work with you. We want to be your most profitable marketing partner! We offer creative, yet straight-forward marketing solutions that deliver outstanding results and massive returns for our clients. Everything that we do is trackable, measurable, adjustable, scaleable and compounding!



QUESTIONS? Give us a call

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