The Motorcycle Dog: Meet Molly!

Whether driving down the road or at a local event, chances are good that you’ve seen Jim and Molly around town. We wanted to recognize them for their commitment to the community and share a little of their story.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN RIDING WITH MOLLY THE MOTORCYCLE DOG? Molly was riding with me 10 minutes after I got her and we were in a 4th of July parade that very first day. I got her as a birthday present to myself in 2010. I first started riding in parades with a dog, Lady, in 1986. 
WHAT DRIVES YOU TO BE SO INVOLVED WITH THE COMMUNITY? Now that I’m retired, we’re doing something nearly every day. Whether it’s greeting people at a local business, going to a nursing home or at a local event, we’re keeping busy. It’s the people that keep us going. The smiles on their faces. All ages, all backgrounds, they love seeing Molly. I hear all the time that I made their day and the truth is, it makes my day to see their faces light up when they see Molly. 
WHAT MAKES MOLLY HAPPY? She loves attention, being pet and meeting new people. She’s quite spoiled and I’m okay with that. If you see us, please come say hi to Molly. She’ll even give you a high five if you bring her a treat. And of course, she loves going on the motorcycle. It’s impossible for me to sneak a ride without her. 
SOME ADDITIONAL INFO: Molly is a Long-Coated German Shepard. She is 7 years old and her birthday is April 23rd. She’s been a bell ringer for the Salvation Army since she was six months old. She’s fine with them now, but it took her a full year to get comfortable with the goggles. She’s great with children. On the real hot days of summer, I bring gel ice packs to keep her cool and she always has her bowl of ice water. She can howl on command and even say “I love you”