Let us promote your business! THINKlocal is passionate about supporting our local business partners. We have an incredible audience who wants to hear from you and we continue to reach more people every single day with our community pages. Sign up to be a local business partner!

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We believe in providing the very best value!!!

  • Stay in front of the community on a regular basis! We’ll check and re-share some of your Facebook page posts to our community page each and every week.

    • This is powerful, on-demand marketing. What do you want to promote or share with the community? We’ll get that in front of our great local audience.

    • If we’re not sharing at least 4 posts a month for you or you would rather not have us re-share your page content with the community, not a problem, we’ll work with you to create a dedicated post each month.

    • If you need help with creating engaging content for your page, let us know.

  • EXCLUSIVITY: We are only accepting one local business partner per industry. Be sure to lock this up before your competitor does. Exclusivity is not available for bars, restaurants or entertainment.

  • PRICE-Lock: As we build our community pages, our value will continue to increase. As long as you remain a customer, you will ALWAYS be locked in at your initial rate. We value our partners so much and for those of you who believed in us early, you will always be rewarded with the lowest price.

  • NO RISK: We offer a month-to-month partner agreement with no long-term contracts. We believe it is our job to continue to prove our value to you each and every month.

  • LONG-TERM VALUE: We cannot overemphasize how much we care about our clients success. We understand ROI and effective marketing. Our goal is to help you build loyal customers. We want to present you to our outstanding local audience in a way that drives extremely positive results for your business or organization.

  • OUR MISSION: We are committed to highlighting the very best of each community. We want to see people really enjoying where they call home. We are also committed and passionate about supporting small businesses and helping them stand out and thrive.

  • OUR RESULTS: Take a look at our community advertiser data to get a better understanding of how many people we reach (In our first two months, October and November, we averaged 24,107 unique impressions per community, with a total reach of 1,052,636 and we are just getting started!). Click the following link to learn about our specific numbers in the communities where you do business:

  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: This is a major focus of our business and every week we are creating additional value for our clients without increasing price. For example, we just launched local web pages for each community on with backlinks to our partners. Next: individual partner pages with a whole suite of functionality.

We exist to support locally owned and operated businesses and we want to be an incredible value to you. If for some reason, you are not completely satisfied with the return on investment, you can cancel anytime. No pressure, just tons of awesome benefits!

Any questions? Give us at 414-377-4252 or message us at

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You’ll be added to our website as an official partner.


2. We post a welcome message on the community page. If in more than one community, you get this for each page.


3. We re-share your content to our community pages.


4. We post local events on the page.


5. We share local stories.


6. We're hiring local ambassadors